Wednesday, 12 December 2012

about Apartment management software

Apartment management is an art which requires special skills. One of the major tasks of managing apartment is ensuring smooth transactions with large number of tenants/owners that occupy these apartments. If one is the owner of a complex that has many apartments occupied by tenants it will be difficult for him to manage the apartments without an expert help. The entire process of managing a huge apartment becomes way more transparent through the use APMS portal. APMS is a ‘Housing Society Accounting Software’ with complete solution for rental bill generation, tracking expenses and income, tracking upkeep and repair, staff administration, complaint management, housekeeping service, baby sitting services, parking, visitors information handling, forum facility, selling and buying of apartments, reporting services ,online payment service etc. APMS portals have made the activities and responsibilities of all members in every apartment association very easy. APMS will give details like facilities available, directions, location of the apartment to visitors or interested parties outside your apartment. Display public notices of residents on the Classifieds tab to portal visitors. APMS also have facility for Owners / Tenants to join.

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  1. Thanks for your informative share. Owing a apartment management software, help you easily perform routine tasks like collecting rent payments and handling maintenance requests. It also lets you maintain records and run reports accurately and thus reduces the errors and manual efforts. One such trusted apartments software provider is,


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